How to Make BOTOX Last Longer

Unfortunately for us, the magical benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic are temporary, lasting on average around three to four months. I am so proud that many of my patients have found their BOTOX lasts beyond the three month average and trust the approach we have towards WRINKLE REDUCER treatment at DEFY Aesthetic. Below are three essential tips to make the most of your investment in yourself.

Crows Feet wrinkle reduction that lasts!

1. Carefully follow your post-treatment instructions. At DEFY Aesthetic, every patient receives customized post-treatment instructions and is given the opportunity to talk through any questions with their provider. Additionally, we share with you our own post-treatment instructions sheet for BOTOX injectable treatments that has continued to give our patients the best results in the area. Some of these instructions include what things to do or avoid in the 24-48hrs immediately after your treatment.

2. Choose a professional provider. Look for board certifications and other credentials, like NP with a C or BC after it (example: Katharine Vincent, FNP-BC). That indicates this is an advanced practitioner who is board certified. A professional provider can administer your treatment in a way that will ensure long lasting results.

You may find someone else with cheaper prices or who can promise to achieve the same result with half the units, but you will most likely be going back in much less than three months for treatment as the effects will quickly wear off if not professionally injected.

3. Ensure your provider properly stores their product. BOTOX Cosmetic has very specific storage and material handling instructions that ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. It is so important that your provider understands why BOTOX cosmetic, and similar wrinkle reducers products, must be stored in a humidity controlled environment between 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit. As a naturally found protein, BOTOX's biological properties breakdown whenever subject to drastic changes in temperature (like a large practice constantly going in and out of a refrigerator). Many practices leave their BOTOX in communal cooler and without a thermometer to monitor the storage environment. When stored properly, BOTOX Cosmetic treatments will last longer and less product can be used to achieve your desired aesthetic look.

Make the most of your investment in yourself and schedule an appointment at DEFY Aesthetic. We offer completely FREE consultations and new patient specials. You can also reach out to us at anytime with questions. We are here to help!







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