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Holistic Approach to Anti-aging

Botox and filler! Who doesn't love these treatments? These days it seems like everyone has heard of them, or at least one of them before. Botox and filler are AMAZING for anti-aging but it is important to remember they are our pretty little band-aids!

What does that mean? Botox + filler provide correction of "symptoms" - they help to get rid of or soften lines and wrinkles you don't like, but the results are temporary! This is where the holistic approach to anti-aging is very important: you have to treat the underlying disease otherwise symptoms will always reoccur! Translation please? The underlying disease is that our collagen and elastin (the stuff that keeps our skin smooth, tight and youthful looking) production decreases as we age. An anti-aging skincare regimen includes both advanced skincare treatments, like those on our DEFYANT SKIN menu, and using medical grade skincare products proven to help stimulate collagen and elastin production in conjunction with Botox and filler! The plus to collagen + elastin stimulation? Not only does it enhance the tone and texture of your skin, but it also helps to IMPROVE and LENGTHEN the results of your Botox + filler treatments!

My favorite treatments for stimulating collagen + elastin production: MICRONEEDLING (yes, please!!!), PRP and chemical peels. Lasers can be fun too, for the right candidate. Always be picky about your provider and make sure to follow post-care instructions after any treatment. I also highly recommend a customized medical-grade skincare regimen. Please stop spending your money on beauty store or drugstore skincare products because the sad reality is that they don't do anything. Instead, save that money and invest in products and treatments proven to be effective!

I am utterly obsessed with this holistic approach to skincare and my patient's results speak for themselves. It's a commitment, but you're stuck with your skin forever folks. Let's make that a good thing!

So much fun during this COLLAGEN, PLEASE treatment!

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